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when life gives you lemons...

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 4, 2014, 8:02 AM
Hi, guys! It's been a long time since the last time I post something here. I've been very busy with uni, work and commissions but I wanted to tell you my experience with one of my last commissions because it's the first time (and I hope the last one) that something like that happens to me, it's just incredible.

-warning: grammar/vocabulary mistakes-
I won't say any name so well, my client A asked me to do some illustrations for her project, she just could spend an small amount of money per pic (so much less than half of my rates) but since I liked the idea, I agreed. First she was nice, I had to do a lot to work for what she paid me but it was ok, even the things she wanted me to modify every time were reasonable so I did it well and everyone's happy. Fine.
Now it's time for the second pic: she sent me the drawing/sketch (well drawn and detailed) done by an another artist for her that she wanted me to paint. I just had to change faces because she requested two models for the roles. So I did it. Since she wanted everything like in the sketch I started to work with details directly. When I had all blocked and faces completely done she started to say that the girl's head angle was weird -as in the sketch she sent me-, she also wanted me to change things that would made the anatomy too forced and unnatural, also more things that I already had modified. But well, after that she sent me an artwork suggesting me that "since I was in an sketch stage" (that I wasn't) I could start the whole picture again, keeping the poses of characters but with the angle and perspective of the new artwork she liked (which it was totally different in those terms). I just didn't answer. Why? Because I had been working on what we agreed for that tiny payment and she didn't pay me nothing while she only wanted me to work more and modify unrealistic things. Two weeks later or so, I'm not sure, I recieved her payment but I realised some days even later. When I realised I sent her an email telling her that I was still working on the original picture we agreed. I have to say that she said a lot of times that there wasn't any kind of deadline. So over this month I've been working slowly and fine because I hadn't a deadline and because I'm busy with my own life. In this month she didn't even try to ask me how was the picture, of a WIP nor anything -you know, I didn't talk neither while maybe I should so it's my fault too- I didn't know anything from her still a few days ago, when she just showed up telling me that she wanted to cancel and that I refund her the money. Wait, what? I had the ilustration almost finished, I invested my time and effort for almost no compensation and you are telling me that want that I pay you back? Excuse me but I can't, my time won't turn back. I tell her my reasons why it wasn't possible and she said she wanted to see the picture before taking a decision. I send her the picture and after looking at it she says that doesn't want it and that wants her money. I did the illustration of the sketch she gave me and we agreed first for that price so that's what I did. It's incredible that she wanted me to refund the money having already my work! when I did almost all the requests she wanted and I could do more.
At the end of one email I put her this: "Also, it's very shady to work on a comission with any kind of contract whatsoever. What is stopping you from screwing me over after finishing a project, with no contractual binding of any kind?" I want to remark this because she felt EXTREMELY offended, ALL DRAMA came (too long for being copy&pasted) and that an since it wasn't my intention to make her feel bad, I apologized for that on my next email. I didn't know it was that hard... I don't think it is neither, but well. I sent her tonight a full jpg image of my work in black and white because I don't want to know anything else and the she answered me: "I am sorry if my decision to cancel this has been unacceptable to you, and I accept your apologies for your incredible offence. It may not sound so bad to you, but it was. However, I am not one to hold grudges. So, I am going to propose to you a final deal: complete the sketch as it is. Just complete it and colour it and send it back to me when it's finished [...]"
It was very late -2:45am here- so I didn't reply and this morning I started to colour it, until I've opened gmail to reply and I've found this message from her: 

I saw what you did right now: you acted like an immature person and deleted the -name of first commission- from your gallery. Forget about what I said in my last message: I don't even want to remember I met you and that such a nasty person like you exists, and I will make sure to tell everyone to never commission you. What's more, I am going to report you to a site that features artists that treat their clients like you have and spread the word about your behaviour. You've been incredibly offensive and insulting, and this will reflect on your reputation. No wonder you're not successful nor famous in the artistic community, for you don't have the class nor the character, you're just vindictive and childish.

The real reason you don't want to reimburse it is because you've spent the money. Spain is expensive? Don't make me laugh, I know your country and I know how life costs there, so don't lie to me. 

You can keep the money for all I care, but you'll lose in reputation, I know you will. 

Good bye, I am sorry I ever met such a despicable  person like you. I'll forget your name and will block you. Do me the same favour. 

I have no words. It's MY gallery, my works and I can do with  them whatever I want! - But anyway it's not even deleted, I just moved it. - I'll sent to her the coloured version because we agreed first that it would have colour but she doesn't deserve it at all.

At least I've learnt some things about people.

Sorry, I know this has been a bit long

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